DarkroomPro Magazine is a quarterly photography publication, serving thousands of readers in 155 countries worldwide. Distributed via iTunes application for iPad, and PDF on other platforms, DarkroomPro caters to the advanced amateur and enthusiast/prosumer market, as well as industry professionals.


Our publication is offered at no cost to the reader, and utilizes an advertiser supported revenue model - the goal being to gain the widest distribution possible, in an effort to obtain maximum exposure for our ad partners.


Marketing of the publication is therefore of paramount importance, and to this end DarkroomPro utilizes a variety of channels, including Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Microsoft adCenter, and partner websites such as NikonGear.com. We undertake device-specific (iPad), as well as search engine, and content based marketing in order that we cast a wide, yet very targeted net, aimed at gaining readers who are enthusiastic consumers of our types of content.


Recently, we have commenced building our social media presence, and enjoy a growing and active following on Twitter and Facebook. We expect these social channels to grow significantly in coming months.


Due to robust reader downloads, our magazine is perennially listed in the 'What's Hot' section of Arts & Photography... as of today, in 146 countries globally. Recently, DarkroomPro hit #1 in 'What's Hot' on the Canadian iTunes store - an achievement for which we are justifiably proud. Goals for future growth include moving to monthly publication in the second half of 2013, and expanding our market-share within the UK and Australia.


Our advertising rates are extremely competitive, with a wide variety of options available to our partners, including flexible formats, and the availability of both embedded audio and video. To see what advertising opportunities might best suit your requirements, please forward enquiries to sales@darkroom.pro.


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